• You do not need a Dropbox account to put these files on your computer.
  • If you are having audio sync issues, skipping, or pixelation when viewing it is likely due to watching it via Dropbox. Please download to your computer or phone to view full quality.
  • If you are sharing the Dropbox link with someone, please know the thumbnail is selected by Dropbox can’t be changed. 
  • I delete all these links and all these files in 30 days. If you don’t save a copy of your reel then there will be no copy unless you purchase Online Storage.

Downloading from Dropbox

To Download from Dropbox to your Desktop follow these steps.

Click on the Dropbox link. It opens a window with the files.

Click on each file to Download it. You do not need a Dropbox account to put these files on your computer.

Once you Click on a file, in the upper right hand corner your see a button that reads Download. Click on it and select Direct Download or Save to my Dropbox. You can do either if you have a Dropbox Account.

Repeat for the other files as well.

Actors Access

Posting it to Actors Access places it on Breakdown Express for your agent and manager.

You login to your Actors Access account and click on Manage Media (Button in the large grey box, left side of screen). At the top of the next page on the left side of screen click on red button Add New Performance Video.

A new window opens, now click on red button Browse to find the file on your computer. Click on red button Upload. The file will then upload once it’s finished it will prompt you to pay.

The cost is $22 per minute. 


You must log into your IMDBPro account and in the Menu bar next to Home select Your Page, then in the center of the page you will see menu that reads Filmography, About, Images, Videos. Click on Videos and there will be a grey box with a plus sign that has “Add video” below it. You can add as many videos as you like. 

Casting Networks aka LA Casting

To post videos on this site you add them to your Media Bank. You can purchase a single credit for $19.99 to upload one reel or you can upload files for no extra charge with a monthly or annual Premium Membership.

Each clip can be no larger than 600 MB.

The step by step instructions on how to upload to your Media Bank and add to your casting profiles can be found in this link.

Casting Frontier

You have to pay a monthly or annual fee to host videos. One fee covers the cost of all videos you upload. Instructions can be found in this link.

For additional questions please contact julie for help.